Acreditación ENAC 1427/LE2598

VDA 19.1: 2015          ISO 16232: 2018

BIDEA LAB stands for competence in the field of technical cleanliness inspection of components and industrial production. Under the standards VDA 19.1:2015 and ISO 16232:2018, at BIDEA LAB S.L.U. we inspect, measure, analyze and study the level of contamination by particles both in specific components and in the industrial manufacturing environment itself. ENAC 1427/LE2598 accreditation


Analyst team

At BIDEA LAB SLU, our team of analysts qualified by VDA QMC and the Fraunhofer Institute examines your components in a clean room in accordance with VDA 19.1:2015 and ISO16232:2018 standards.

Our services cover the extraction, measurement, counting and determination of the size of particles through optical microscopy.

Complementing this type of tests, our SEM/EDX analysis team allows us to determine its composition and offer complementary information on its potential for damage or possible source of origin.

Finally, by placing particle traps in your production process, we will help you verify the cleanliness level of your facilities and determine possible sources of potential contamination as a fundamental part of the continuous improvement process.

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