Audit and particle traps.


The VDA 19.2 Audit aims to analyze the factors that could influence the cleanliness of the facilities and, as a consequence, the contamination by particles. After the audit, the client receives a report on the status of their processes in relation to the elements that influence cleanliness (machine/man/building/environment) and a guide with recommendations for improvement.

Particle traps

The particle trap is used to observe the level of contamination by particles in relevant areas of the production, assembly environment and adjoining areas of any production facility. This methodology is inspired by VDA 19.2 “Technical cleanliness in assembly – Environment, logistics, personnel and assembly facilities”. The trap, placed and activated in certain areas of the production process, absorbs particles and sediments. The adhesive pad is homogeneous, non-glossy and without particle preload. After deactivation, the particles are analyzed by light or electron microscopy for decision making and continuous improvement.